Beth's clear vision is to share beautiful music and stories to encourage, uplift & inspire folks. 

Imagine being a busy wife, mother to two teenage boys, a worship leader at church, and singing at the occasional wedding -- thinking your dream of a music career has long since passed you by. Then you feel called to enter a national talent search audition, and four weeks later you're in Nashville recording your debut album!! 

In 2014, this happened to Beth. The same day nationally-recognized talent recruiter Bernard Porter heard Beth sing at a “Nashville Road Show” talent search held in Waynesboro, VA, he invited her to Nashville to record. Within one week, Beth had negotiated a contract with Bernard to record her first album. Beth realized it was the riskiest thing she'd ever done, but she knew it was providential for a lot of reasons. God led her to Bible verses confirming her decision -- "…for such a time as this" (Esther 4:14) and “For nothing will be impossible with God” (Luke 1:37).  Just four weeks later in April 2014, Beth landed in Nashville working with Dove- and Grammy-nominated producer Roger Ryan, laying down vocal tracks for her debut album.  She traveled to Nashville 3 times, logging 3,600 miles within six weeks.  Beth found studio work to be the easiest, most fun thing she'd ever done her entire life.  On October 11, 2014, Beth released her Clear Vision Debut Album.

Opening the door to a whole new music career at age 50

Opening the door to a whole new music career at age 50

Beth has been sharing her talent and original music since she was a teenager growing up in her hometown - Martinsville, Virginia.  After graduating from James Madison University, she spent time working in the insurance industry, in addition to serving as a worship leader in her church, and being a wife and mom.   Beth has persevered through many trials, such the death of her father when she was 27, infertility, adoption, death of her brother when she was 49, plus much more.  She resides with her family in Harrisonburg, VA.  Beth has always been passionate about using her musical gifts and stories to point others to Jesus, to inspire others to become all they are created to be, and to encourage others in their struggles.  

Beth performs a Signature Concert and Signature Program, with an uplifting message, including her songs and stories. Beth loves sharing inspiring stories of her music journey, along with original music and some covers. Beth's music career journey is influenced and directed by God in all His faithfulness.    

In December 2016, Beth joined the Female Musician Academy with Founder, Bree Noble.  In February 2017, Beth joined the Team at Women of Substance Radio Podcast with Bree Noble and also became a Member of the Women of Substance Music Review Board.  In May 2017, Beth became Community Manager of the Female Indie Musician Community and in January 2018, Beth became Community Manager of the Female Musician Academy.       

From the 'about section' of the website:


Beth is an Indie Singer-Songwriter, Pianist/Keyboardist, Inspirational Speaker and Recording Artist. Beth's clear vision is to use her musical passions and gifts to inspire, encourage and uplift others. Beth enjoys being part of the WOS Team.  Beth is Community Manager of the Female Indie Musician Community, a Member of the Music Review Board, and she also does Podcast Artist Research and other things to help female indie artists.   She's also a valued member of the Female Musician Academy.

Beth's songs have received radio airplay worldwide in the Bahamas; on Women of Substance Radio Podcast out of California, as well as local radio airplay, too.  On October 11, 2016, exactly two years after her Clear Vision debut album release, Beth performed at the 47th Annual Dove Awards in Nashville, singing “One True God” in a choir with Steven Curtis Chapman.  The 2016 Dove Awards were televised on worldwide TV, and Beth appeared a total of 6 times (but who's counting)!  God opened these amazing doors for Beth and continues to do so.    

On the Red Carpet at the Dove Awards-Nashville... A Dream Come True!

On the Red Carpet at the Dove Awards-Nashville... A Dream Come True!

With friends performing at the 2016 Dove Awards in Nashville

With friends performing at the 2016 Dove Awards in Nashville

Beth's Music Career continues to unfold and flourish.  Beth's Clear Vision and mission is to encourage, uplift & inspire folks.  As an entrepreneur, Beth has expanded her music career to encompass four key areas:    

1.  Christian-focused Venues & Events: sharing her songs, testimony and stories.  This includes Signature Concerts & Programs, Worship Leading, performing as Keynote Speaker/Musician for Women's Events, Retreats, Workshops, etc..  Beth speaks & shares music on key topics such as Trusting God, Overcoming Fear, Overcoming Adversity, Self-Esteem Issues, Infertility, Adoption and more.  She can tailor a program to suit your specific needs.    

2.  Women of Substance Radio Podcast:  Beth works with Bree Noble and works hard to make a positive impact in the lives of talented female musicians around the world, plus the lives of those she connects with through WOS.  See above paragraph for Beth's contribution to Women of Substance Radio Podcast.   

 3.  Venues & Events in which Beth performs as Pianist and Vocalist in the multi-genres of Broadway, Show Tunes, Jazz, Gospel, Inspirational, Pop & Originals for Vineyards, Corporations, Libraries, Schools, Community Events, Conferences, Workshops, Women's Events, Retreats, House Concerts, Parties, Private Gatherings and more.  Beth also speaks and shares music as an Inspirational & Motivational Speaker and can tailor a program to suit your specific needs.      

4.   Beth is available to provide one-on-one Music Career Coaching Sessions, to provide encouragement, input and support to female musicians who are struggling with issues of fear, doubts, self-esteem, age, looks, confidence, etc..  Beth has been through a lot of internal work to deal with and process her own issues that had her immobilized by fear in her music career journey.  Beth feels honored to use her life struggles with the goal of helping other female musicians in their music journeys, so they may progress in their music careers to become all they are created to be and to do all they were created to do.    

Beth is a friendly, down-to-earth, easy-to-talk-to friend, mentor, musician, wife & mom.  She loves coffee, loves music, has an adventurous spirit and is enjoying her music career journey!  You can contact Beth for bookings here on her website. Do connect with Beth on Facebook, Instagram and be sure to subscribe to her email list for a free song and to connect further!    

Beth's mission is to make your event most memorable, special and a success by providing you with top quality musical services.  She typically performs solo, and she performs Easy Listening Classics, Broadway, Inspirational, Gospel, Jazz and Pop covers from the decades, as well as Wedding Music and some Originals.  In addition, as a Christian Speaker/Inspirational Speaker, Beth will provide you with an engaging program of stories and songs targeted towards your audience and designed to uplift, encourage and inspire.  Beth looks forward to working with you!