Welcome to my website - it's great to have you visit!  I'm an Inspirational Speaker, Professional Vocalist, Pianist, Songwriter and Contemporary Christian Recording Artist.  I work with Bree Noble at Women of Substance Radio Podcast and Female Entrepreneur Musician, where I am Community Manager of the Female Musician Academy and Community Manager of the Female Indie Musician Community. I enjoy doing many  things to help female musicians around the world be successful, while helping Bree grow her business.   Bree is a successful entrepreneur who has been featured in Forbes Magazine.  I perform Adult Contemporary music in multi genres such as Broadway, Show Tunes, Jazz, Gospel, Pop, Country and Original Christian Music.  As an Inspirational Speaker & Musician, I share stories & songs to encourage, uplift and inspire folks.  I perform a concert/program of songs & stories called 'Clear Vision'.   Join my community to receive a free song download and connect with me further.  Look forward to having you visit me often!


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clear vision concerts ~ inspiring songs & stories of triumph over adversity

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